Color Buddy

Color Buddy is our most popular Art and Craft product. It is a Rubber Art color painting designed for kids from 2 years old onwards. It is easy and fun. Kids can choose their own pattern and  learn to mix colors and create an Art work in 30mins.  We have a few thousands drawing patterns in our collection.  click here for more info


Flash and Frame

Flash and Frame uses different color of Glitters to create a Flashing painting. Flash and Frame comes in 3 different sizes (S,M,L) to cater for different age group of kids. click here for more info


D.I.Y Bags

Do-It-Yourself Bag is an art and craft activity aim to teach kids some basic technique of sewing.  A round head plastic needle is used to sew the different rubber pieces together to form an adorable and useful bag or pouch. click here for more info


Sand Magic

Magic Color sand is a hands-on color mixing art activity. The kids use different color sand to build up a colorful picture. The kids needs to plan the color placement before removing the sticker on the picture to fill it up evenly with the color sand. click here for more info


Jigsaw Sand Art

Jigsaw Sand art is another type of sand based art using gybson board as the base. The color sand is pasted on the board using glue. The completed artwork can be put in a frame for decoration. click here for more info



Woodcrarft is a wood puzzle made of high quality wood. There is a wide selection of puzzle design including dinosaurs, animals,  houses, cars, planes and many others. The  woodcraft puzzle helps to develop children patience and abilities to analyze and exercise logical thought. click here for more info


D.I.Y Puzzle

Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y) puzzle is a 3D jigsaw puzzle that has good educational value for children. It helps to develop the children’s eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and abilities to reason, deduce, analyze and develop logical thought. 

Color Wood Letterings

Kids can customize and create beautiful wood signage using different colors of wood Letterings and patterns.


Arts and Craft Accessories

We have a wide range of Arts and craft accessories including Color pencils, crayon, Color book, stickers and many others.